Ensuring that People with Disabilities have the ability to access content, spaces, virtual platforms, and interactive experiences for the purpose of entertainment forms a critical part for the creation of societies that are accessible to all. Increasingly, digital tools have provided powerful tools to developers and designers for the creation of accessible entertainment spaces, that are inclusive of everyone regardless of their disability.

Use Cases


Accessible Gaming Portal

The experience of gaming can be challenging for people with physically disability. Those not familiar with the medium assign little or no value to video games. Video games can connect people of different ages, races, and diverse preferences around the world.

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Completed & awarded to Wonder Tree Accessible Gaming


Accessible Smart Home Solution for PWD and the Elderly

Smart-home devices can sometimes feel almost magical. They allow user to turn on lights without having to touch a switch, answer the front door from user bedroom (or a hotel room), and tweak user thermostat…

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