The experience of gaming can be challenging for people with physically disability. Those not familiar with the medium assign little or no value to video games. Video games can connect people of different ages, races, and diverse preferences around the world. Empirical evidence suggests that games can confer great benefits to their users, ranging from increased dexterity for surgeons to digital realms for young people to develop social and interactive skills; and there is enormous potential in developing this tool for educational and therapeutic purposes. What’s more, video games occupy an ever-increasing sector of our economic and social world. They have taken the place of traditional activities. The importance of accessible game design is rooted in the idea that a sizable portion of the population is not excluded from participating in the same activities as their friends and family members promoting inclusion of individuals with various abilities within society. Gaming can increase a person’s self-reliance and sense of independence. Peoples who struggle in school or in work are often overly dependent on parents, siblings, friends, and teachers for help with assignments. By using gaming, PwDs can experience success while working independently or within virtual complex cooperative team structures.


Target Users

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User Journey

SalemSalem is 38 years old and is a physically disabled. Salem is an avid fan of physical activities and loves swimming sessions. Due to the Covid19 restrictions, public pools for disabled people have limited the access and Salem is unsatisfied as he misses out on vital elements of physical activity. He would wish to fully enjoy the physical activity at home and continue exercise at home using gaming portal.


Salem Access the gaming portal


Salem positions the camera of the touch point with him in the frame


The gaming portal detects Salem in area of play and allow user to choose the activity


The portal activates the game with gesture control


Salem can also view the statistics of the activity and identify his movements

Potential Service Features

  • Augmented Reality Gaming
  • Works with any inbuilt camera and doesn’t require external devices
  • Portal with Realtime data of the user motor skills

Touch Points

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Issue Statement

Due to Covid19 restrictions, Salem is struggling to continue his daily physical activities and its frustrating him as it’s a must needed activity for him to improve his blood circulation. Salem would like to have a solution that will allow him to continue his physical activity at home with bare minimal tools.

Expected Key Benefits

– Enhanced Physical Activity

The solution ensures a complete physical movement enhancement for the use while staying home.

– Uniquely Position Qatar for Accessible Entertainment

Increase the availability of accessible games in Arabic to serve towards greater inclusion of PWDs in Qatar and the Arab Region.