Mada innovation Program Submissions from 2019 till date.


ID Date Description Current Status
MIA2022-DG-12 30/12/2022 MAAN is a mobile application to enhance communication for autistic adults. The application is easy to use by autistic and non-autistic adults. It includes customization of the application's colour, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and TAWASOL Symbol messag Winner of MIA 2022 - Direct Grant
MIA2022-DG-20 30/12/2022 The Kalimati program provides a phased approach to language acquisition for children with hearing loss. Winner of MIA 2022 - Direct Grant
MIA2022-DG-21 30/12/2022 According to Ministry of Planning and statistics, elderly people make up 3% of Qatar's population & it is the least segment that gets care & life easing solutions. Thus, we created SALEEM health system. Winner of MIA 2022 - Direct Grant
MIA2022-DG-31 30/12/2022 We are building handheld touch-based devices to help blind and visually impaired sports fans watch live sport. Currently the only way that blind and visually impaired sports fans can watch live sport is by listening to audio commentary - but audio comment Winner of MIA 2022 - Direct Grant
MIA2022-DG-92 30/12/2022 DeepFoni is an advanced and innovative speech recognition mobile application for people with speech disabilities, disorders, or impairments in Arabic and English. With deep learning technology and artificial intelligence, DeepFoni identifies and learns th Winner of MIA 2022 - Direct Grant
MIA2022-LOC-04 30/12/2022 We propose to localise the app, Predictable, for Arabic users. Predictable is an award-winning text-to-speech app which first launched in 2011. It has 10 core languages currently and we propose expanding this to include an Arabic version. Winner of MIA 2022 - Localization Grant
MIA2022-DG-07 30/12/2022 رحلة " عم ّ" تطبيق تعليمي ترفيهي ( لفئة الاطفال الصغار ) Entrepreneur Support
MIA2022-DG-13 30/12/2022 "This is the phase that starts the development of our MVP App, our main product is To provide sign language interpretation where human interpreters cannot always be present, plus to provide access to learn the Qatari Sign Language for all individuals from Entrepreneur Support
MIA2022-DG-84 30/12/2022 ALMOURAFEK is a navigation aid system for visually impaired people. It is a high-tech wearable device equipped with a Time Of Flight (TOF) camera that allows to alert its user, via voice messages delivered through bone conduction earphones, when it sees a Entrepreneur Support
MIA2022-DG-121 30/12/2022 We are looking to develop highly innovative software that is able to convert audio from TV into a vibration pattern on smartphones/smartwatches during sports and football matches during FIFA 2022 and others. Entrepreneur Support
MIA2022-DG-132 30/12/2022 "فاز تطبيق الموسوعة التعليمية لتعليم الطلبة ذوي الإعاقة بالمركز الأول مناصفة مع دولة سلطنة عمان في أفضل تطبيق عربي للهواتف الجوالة في جائزة الألكسو- مدى لتطبيقات الأشخاص ذوي الإعاقة وهي جائزة تسند إلى أفضل تطبيقه هاتف جوال منجزة عربيًا لفائدة الأشخاص من ذ Entrepreneur Support
MIA2022-LOC-10 30/12/2022 Robotics STEM program is our STEM program that is already running in 20 US federal states in more than 100 schools. It is made for middle and high schools and has 2 levels/paths. This program incorporates the latest robotics engineering knowledge with soc Entrepreneur Support
MIA2022-DG-131 30/09/2022 AutismoLab is an XR platform where people with autism can learn and improve their social skills and provide a comprehensive report to shareholders (Therapist, Clinician, Researchers). Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-130 30/09/2022 "Oko Blink is a wearable medical technology that automatically stimulates (Blinks) the eye of Bell’s Palsy patients using soft electrical pulses to open and close the eye, and within the specific patient needs A wearable Bell’s Palsy, Muscle paralysis tr Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-129 30/09/2022 The object of this invention is to design a new engine with simple construction and free of complications. It employs fewer components, therefore, minimizes (energy/ power) loss (i.e., gears, timing belts and their sets). Another object of this inventi Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-128 30/09/2022 "a) Omni-Joint: a Joint to be used for any joint with more than one DoF. Singular free. With Deviation angle of 120 degrees. b) Neo Canfield Joint: a Joint to be used for any joint with more than one DoF. Singular free. With Deviation angle of 120 degrees Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-127 30/09/2022 تطبيق الموسوعة التعليمية هو تطبيق عربي لتعليم الطلاب ذوي الإعاقة حيث بفضل الله فاز بالمركز الأول مناصفة مع سلطة عمان حيث يقدم ألعاب تعليمية تقوم على مراحل المطابقة والاختيار والتسمية من خلال مجالات الجانب الاجتماعي والذاتي والنطق واللغة والجانب الأكاديمي Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-126 29/09/2022 a recognition system that converts the hand gesture of mute people into an audio speech , the idea is flexible so we focused the scope on medical field to facilitate the diagnosis process to make doctors collect the correct information from mute patient Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-125 29/09/2022 الموجز تتلخص فكرة تصميم هذه المنظومة من نعمة اوجدها الله سبحانه وتعالى في الانسان وهي عند فقد أي عضو من الجسد يحاول الجسم البشري وبمرور الزمن تهيئة و تأهيل وتدريب باقي الأعضاء الأخرى السليمة وبمختلف الاختصاصات لسد ذلك النقص الذي احدث غياب ذلك العضو او خر Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-124 29/09/2022 According to the National Autistic Society, people with autism are three times more likely to be victims of abuse or aggression. The increase in societal stress generated because of climate change, works as a stressor aggravating the risk of violence suff Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-123 29/09/2022 This is the first “Arabic” platform with rich information to educate children with autism with a diverse range of learning games. There is no doubt that playing is one of the best fun/educational methods to teach children and activate their brains. It als Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-122 29/09/2022 Nubb Tech Innovation Center is to provide short courses in Laser, Robotics, Electronics, Solar Energy and Biomedical Engineering. Also, to provide workshops and lectures in inventions and innovation. Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-120 29/09/2022 Power banks have become an ever-present sight in our bags, purses, and pockets, as we continue to rely on smartphones, tablets, and other compact devices to power our businesses and our social lives. They allow us to charge our gadgets anywhere, helping u Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-119 28/09/2022 Although often taken for granted, oral health and dental hygiene are essential to preventing diseases, encourages proper chewing, and are a key indicator of overall wellbeing that should be facilitated with dignity for all. And that is a challenge for peo Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-118 28/09/2022 Oko Blink is a wearable medical technology that automatically stimulates (Blinks) the eye of Facial Palsy patients using an App, and within the specific patient needs Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-117 28/09/2022 "برنامج مسابقات تلفزيوني يعتمد علئ البحث في محرك قوقل حيث تبدأ الحلقة بثلاثة متسابقين لكل منهم لابتوب للإجابة على الأسئلة ثم يقلص العدد إلى متسابق واحد يكمل الحلقة حسب قواعد المسابقة و التي تتكون من أربعة جولات و يحق للشخص المتقدم للمنصة الاولئ أن يواصل و Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-116 28/09/2022 "عبارة عن درج يثبت اسفل الكرسي المتحرك ويثبت فية كيس خاص لقضاء الحاجة ويمكن استبدال الكيس بسهولة دون الحاجة الى التواليت التقليدية او الحفوضات المزعجة " Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-115 28/09/2022 " جهاز اللحام وقطع دون استخدام الغاز التقليدي واسطوانات الاوكسجين ويعمل الجهاز على انتاج غاز الهيدروجين وغاز الاوكسجين دون تخزين ، واستخدامه في القطع واللحام ، وهو جهاز امن وسهل الاستخدام وسهل التنقل ولا يصدر منه اي انبعاثات كربونية وتكلفة انتاجه رخيصه مق Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-114 28/09/2022 sometimes disabled people, perform an unusual performance and more prone to face accidents where there is no way to know the current situation without the medical support's presence. some disabled people un able to express verbally the location of pain an Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-113 28/09/2022 "هاز التربوجين يوفر من استهلاك الوقود بنسبه تصل الي ٥٠٪؜ عن طريق الحد من دخول الوقود الي المحرك بالنسبه 50% وتعويضه بالهيدروجين الناتج عن تحليل المياه بالموجات الفوق صوتيه والتحليل الكهربي للماء وتقليل من الانبعاثات الضاره بالنسبه تصل إلي 75% ، والجهاز ي Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-112 28/09/2022 Smart Art Wheelchair. It enables disabled people to sit, stand up, move upward and downward, sleep and move from one place to the other freely. This prevents having skin sores or DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and stimulates blood circulation. Also, it enable Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-111 28/09/2022 انشاء أبليكشن يساعد المسنين (كبار السن) وذوي القدرات الخاصة على معرفة أماكن اتوبيسات (ومواصلات) هيئة النقل العام عن طريق GPS بدلا من الانتظار دون علم موعد الوصول ، وأيضا يساعدهم الابليكيشن على اختيار المواصلات المحددة المناسبة للوصول الى المكان المطلوب عب Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-110 28/09/2022 هيا خدمه تهدف لتقيم صلونات الحلاقه و الكوفيرهات ومعرفة صلونات الحلاقه والكوفيرهات القريبة منك والعروض الذي تقدمه هذي الاماكن بما فيه معرفة كم متبقي من الوقت علي موعد حلاقتك او كوفيرك وتقديم امهر الحلقين الذي يمكن ان تستعين بهم في اي وقت Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-109 28/09/2022 كوبايات خاصه لرواد الفضاء Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-108 27/09/2022 A nuclear fusion and cold fusion reactor. To produce electrical energy in a safe, sustainable and revolutionary way. Similar to the nuclear fusion reactors Iiter and Tok Mac. But in quantization loops that simulate the natural analogue of quantum mechan Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-107 27/09/2022 هو عبارة عن محرك يعمل باستخدام تفاعل الماء مع هيدروكسيد الصوديوم الصلب والالمنيوم الصلب الذى ينتج هيدروجين يتم تخزينها فى مخزن هيدروجينى ثم يستخدم ذلك الهيدروجين داخل المحرك ليتفاعل مع اكسجين الهواء الجوى ويولد طاقة عند الاحتراق Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-106 27/09/2022 Between 110 million and 190 million people suffer from physical disability according to WHO. Eye tracking systems for helping handicapped have limited self-reliance features, long delay in controlling, and high cost. This project tackles the problem of La Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-105 27/09/2022 Yes Not Awarded
MIA2022-LOC-20 27/09/2022 An divece that helps disable people Not Awarded
MIA2022-LOC-19 27/09/2022 جهاز مزود للكرسي المتحرك يساعدهم في الحياة اليومية Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-104 27/09/2022 جهاز مزود للكرسي يساعدهم في الحياة اليومية Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-103 27/09/2022 هو ابتكار يهدف الي تحلية المياه المالحة الي مياه عذبة ب استخدام المريا المقعرة وانتاج طاقة كهربية Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-102 27/09/2022 "يعتبر تطوير للغة المكفوفين برايل وهو عبارة عن سوار يرتديه الشخص حول معصمه ليقوم بتحويل البيانات (النصوص والأرقام)من رسائل الهاتف وتطبيقات المحادثة الى موجات اهتزازية بنمط محدد حول المعصم يتعلمه المستخدم لكي يستطيع فهم محتوى النص بدون الحاجة الى النظر أو Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-101 27/09/2022 روبوت يساعد ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصه على الاستحمام وتنظيف الاماكن التي يصعب الوصول اليها مثل تحت الاقدام والظهر Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-100 27/09/2022 "جهاز ذكي لتحويل كلام الاصم الى كلام مفهوم من خلال تدريب الاصم عليه وذلك عند تحدث الاصم ب كلمة (أبا) سوف تخرج كلمة من الجهاز (مرحبا) وهكذا " Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-99 27/09/2022 كرسي ذو عجلتين يتم التحكم به باستخدام حركه الرأس لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصه Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-98 27/09/2022 الفكرة عبارة عن تصميم يوصل بين الارض والفضاء الخارجي وتكمن أهمية الفكرة في توفير المال الذي ينفق علي الصواريخ التي تنقل الأجهزة والمؤن الي الفضاء وهذه الفكرة تعمل عليها اليابان منذ فترة ولكن توجها بعض المشاكل ولقد وجدت بعض هذه الحلول Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-97 27/09/2022 Our project is relying on two parts  The first part is the fermentation process where by using molasses, yeast and water ethanol is generated but the negative part of this process is the carbon dioxide that is also produced so in the second part we treat Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-96 27/09/2022 جهاز صغير ملصق يعطي اشارات محسوسة مثل (الاهتزاز) بعض الاشارات (اشارة اين انت ؟) ( اشارة لا يجب ان تكون هناك) يعمل من خلال تطبيق مع الشخص المرافق لمساعدة الصم والبكم في الحياة اليومية او اثناء المسابقات والترفيهات Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-95 27/09/2022 يساعدأطفال التوحد وغيرهم من الأطفال من زي أضطرابات النمو من التخلص من الحفاضات التي تعد من أكثر المشكلات تعقيد , لكونه يوجة الطفل والوالدين دون حدوث أرتباطات شرطيه تؤثر في أكتساب الطفل القدرة علي الأستقالية فهمي يعانون من مشلات التواصل الأجتماعي ومشكلات ح Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-94 27/09/2022 "الموجز:ـ عند الاصابة بكسر في عظام الجسم او التواء شديد في الاربطة او اصابة رياضية يتم عمل جبيرة من الجبس تحيط بالعضو المصاب ., ومن هنا انبثقت الفكرة لبراءة اختراع جديدة الا وهو استخدام الحرارة من الكهرباء بواسطة هيتروزرعها داخل مسند بدلاً من الطريقة الق Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-93 27/09/2022 A Not Awarded
MIA2022-LOC-18 25/09/2022 a smart gloves supports arabic language for deaf blind people Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-91 22/09/2022 قمت والحمد لله بوضع تفسير علمي رياضي لحركة الإنسان، وبالتالي وضع أجوبة علمية لثلاتة أسئلة مهمة: كيف نتحرك؟ كيف نحافظ على التوازن في أثناء الحركة؟ وكيف نتفاعل مع المحيط؟ وهذا سوف يفتح الباب واسعا في ثلاث مجالات رئيسية: المحاكاة بالحاسوب والحياة الافتراضي Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-90 21/09/2022 The topic of our project is “Integration of Telekinesis into mobility devices”. Telekinesis is the ability to move or control objects using our mind. In this project we will looking into an EEG (Electroencephalography)- based approach to achieve similar r Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-89 19/09/2022 "رياضة كرة العين ابتكار مغربي تمارس بين فريقين من ثمانية لاعبين لكل فريق مع اربعة احتياط.. ميزة هذه الرياضة انه في الفريق الواحد ممكن ادماج لاعبين من ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة مع الاسوياء مما لا يقصيهم او يميزهم عن الاخرين شريطة ان يكون الفريق الخصم بنفس التش Not Awarded
MIA2022-LOC-17 18/09/2022 a Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-88 18/09/2022 علبة هندسية تضم 7 مكونات خلاف قاعدة التمثيل المثبتة بظهر الغطاء ، لتمكين الكفيف من ١. رسم هندسي بدقة تفوق 98% ٢. قياسات الهندسة لاشكال بارزة بذات الدقة Not Awarded
MIA2022-LOC-16 17/09/2022 We building a System to provide better experience to visitors when arriving at Offices, Commercial Buildings and Gated Communities. We have mobile app for users and Tabelt Kiosk App for self checkin or security guard or concierge. With this grant we can p Not Awarded
MIA2022-LOC-15 17/09/2022 We building a System to provide better experience to visitors when arriving at Offices, Commercial Buildings and Gated Communities. We have mobile app for users and Tabelt Kiosk App for self checkin or security guard or concierge. With this grant we can p Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-87 17/09/2022 We building a System to provide better experience to visitors when arriving at Offices, Commercial Buildings and Gated Communities. We have mobile app for users and Tabelt Kiosk App for self checkin or security guard or concierge. With this grant we can p Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-86 16/09/2022 Wesal enables everyone to converse conveniently via phone calls. The main functionality of the webapp is as follows- Text inputted by the sender is converted to speech for the receiver. Converts the receiver's speech to text for the sender. Send the user’ Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-85 16/09/2022 "جهاز محمول يستقبل موجات الراديو من جهاز اخر في غرف المعلقين يبث الترددات الصوتيه الراديوية في نطاق ضيق ( الملعب ) للقنوات الرياضيه التي تبث اصوات معلقيها للمباريات المباشره و دون الحاجه للإنترنت و الشبكات التي قد تسبب عطل او تأخير في وصول الصوت الى الا Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-83 16/09/2022 "A platform ( mobile app , desktop app , website ) which contain all communication tools for online learning and Secure lecturer's content ( prevent screen shot , screen record , sharing student’s account ) " Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-82 15/09/2022 مقدمة جاءت فكرة المشروع بناءا على تجربة و خبرة ميدانية في تعاملنا مع أصحاب الهمم(المعاقين) ورصدنا لأهم ماتحتاجه هذه الفئة المهمشة . فإنه لا يختلف اثنان أن أكثر مايعانيه الأفراد ذوو الهمم في مختلف دول العالم هو ضعف المنحة المقدمة اليهم من طرف الدول وأخص ب Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-81 15/09/2022 "Nli8 is a learning app which promote life long learning. We discuss about anything in this universe and encourage application of learned things in daily life. And the content will be available in Arabic and other languages Our content will also be devel Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-80 15/09/2022 "Let's fight CP" mainly focus on cerebral palsy children that have learning difficulties, concentration, and movement issues. As known Cerebral palsy (CP) is a disease that causes problems in movements that appear in early childhood in the first three ye Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-79 15/09/2022 دار العلم هو تطبيق في الواقع الافتراضي، لمدرسة افتراضية قابلة للنفاذ ، ذات طابع إسلامي عريق، تهدف إلى تسهيل عملية التعليم وإيصال المعلومة التي يصعب تخيلها أو شرحها بالطرق التقليدية للطلاب ذوي صعوبات التعلم وغيرهم، مما يزيد من قدرتهم على استيعاب المعلومة Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-78 15/09/2022 It is a training educational robot for people with special needs or people with disabilities that provides them with training programs with sound or colors and others, meaning all categories of disability for their integration into society, which helps th Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-77 15/09/2022 سعت شركة سكاي كرو من مسؤوليتها المجتمعية في البدأ في عمل تطبيق يخدم كبار السن، وركزت أن تضيف خدمات نوعيه في هذا التطبيق بحيث يسهل الحياة لكبار السن وقامت سكاي كرو باتباع جميع الأساليب العلمية المتبعة في جمع وتحليل البيانات لمعرفة الأشياء التي يعاني منها ك Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-77 15/09/2022 سعت شركة سكاي كرو من مسؤوليتها المجتمعية في البدأ في عمل تطبيق يخدم كبار السن، وركزت أن تضيف خدمات نوعيه في هذا التطبيق بحيث يسهل الحياة لكبار السن وقامت سكاي كرو باتباع جميع الأساليب العلمية المتبعة في جمع وتحليل البيانات لمعرفة الأشياء التي يعاني منها ك Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-76 15/09/2022 According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 15% of the world's population, experience disability of whom 2-4% experience significant difficulties in functioning, such as about 69.0 million cases of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The number of annual Not Awarded
MIA2022-LOC-14 15/09/2022 The "ReachUp" Program is an accessible online program with interactive classes powered by Adaptive Learning. Our Program supports daily-life skills and educational needs for youth with Down syndrome and other learning challenges. Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-75 15/09/2022 The Problem: In Qatar, up to 2% of any workplace must be allocated to the disabled community (Article 5 of Law No. 2 of 2004 in respect of People with Special Needs 2 / 2004). Therefore, by law employers must provide disabeled employees with the necessary Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-74 15/09/2022 This is free service that aims at providing free three wheeled bikes called Trishaws to people with limited mobility like old people and disabilities. The idea is present in most developed countries and I want to have that done in Morocco as the first Ara Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-73 15/09/2022 Did you ever witness a child with autism going through a meltdown? You’ve surely seen how hard it gets when the episode gets out of hands, and they start hitting themselves or hitting other children and how devastating it is for their parents to see them Not Awarded
MIA2022-LOC-13 15/09/2022 Assistbox is an online communication infrastructure that accelerates the strategies of corporations to provide their customers with an omnichannel experience.​ With the Assistbox Video Chat infrastructure, it is possible to connect to representatives who Not Awarded
MIA2022-LOC-12 15/09/2022 This proposal is concerned with the upgrade of the Tawasol AAC solution. Over the past 5 years, we brought a lot of new features and capabilities to the AAC product line. We are proposing a complete revamp and upgrade for Tawasol to allow for better usabi Not Awarded
MIA2022-LOC-11 15/09/2022 The aging population is growing all over the world and the same goes for the state of Qatar where the number of older persons is expected to grow to 20.7 % in 2050, as reported by the United Nations. Older persons are at increased risk of unsafe medicatio Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-72 15/09/2022 Braille display, which are necessary for the visually impaired to educate, have no choice but to express characters in one line due to technical problems. And, non-accidental, big, and heavy. In order to solve this problem, the bottom society researched a Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-71 15/09/2022 "Accessible Kiosk for Wayfinding & self check-in is provides directions that anyone can easily understand. People with disabilities and the elderly can use the device with simple button operation without using the touch screen. All buttons have Braille no Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-70 15/09/2022 This robot will be used for disabled people to serve them food in there desired area without them going to restaurant or asking someone else to get food for them moreover this robot will help them get the desired food they need by typing.Finally we can al Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-69 14/09/2022 Solution/Innovation With ExoHeal, we deliver an affordable, accessible and portable hand paralysis rehabilitation system. We bring the cost down to less than a 10th of its competition priced at $1000 and provides a more natural rehabilitation experience. Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-68 14/09/2022 "At Beiyouth, we are developing an AI software solution powered by Augmented Reality to ensure a two way automated live communication between hard of hearing and vocal individuals. Our end user - a person with profound hearing impairment/deafness - will h Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-67 14/09/2022 While we are fighting for our dreams, fighting for scholarships or opportunities. There are lots of people out there fighting to live without pain and the problem is that those people with cancer cannot live a happy life Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-66 14/09/2022 "فكرة المنتج عبارة عن تطبيق رقمي للاجهزة الذكية 1- التطبيق عبارة عن برنامج تعليمي ترفيهي لحفظ جزء عم ّ من القران الكريم لذوي الاعاقات السمعية واطفال لديهم صعوبات تعلم 2- الفكرة قائمة على تكرار الايات من 3 الى 7- 10 مرة للاية الواحدة 3- في كل مرة يتم ال Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-65 14/09/2022 Problem to be Solved: There are about 43.3 million people blind and 295.1 million people suffer from severe vision impairment and 257.8 million people suffer from mild visual impairment. blind persons face many problems such as: _ Thinking about the futu Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-64 14/09/2022 يتم إنشاء فيديوهات وروبورتاجات عن معاناة المواطنين والحلول في اخر كل فيديو مع التحدث الى مختصين Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-63 14/09/2022 "The purpose of the project is that I want to address is what every disabled person on a wheelchair faces. They have trouble getting on the wheelchair on their own and always need other people’s help. This usually makes it harder for them to move and com Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-62 14/09/2022 This idea is basically international that started in Danmark. The idea is to help people with limited mobility and old people feel life as someone rides a three wheel bike called Trishaw as for entertainment. I would like to extend that into my country an Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-61 14/09/2022 ابتكار وصفتي. وصفتي هو عبارة عن مشروع لرقمنة النظام الصحي لحماية و المحافضة على صحة المريض، المتمثل في تطبيق الهاتف النقال الذي يربط المريض، و الطبيب، و مخير التحاليل، و الصيدلي، مصالح الضمان الاجتماعي، الوزارة و المديرية المعنية بالصحة. Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-60 14/09/2022 BrAilliant refers to a complete novel system around Braille reading, navigation and learning. BrAilliant consists of: - BrAilliant Display: A portable low-cost Braille-display that imitates a 2-Dimentional printed page to encourage spatial memorization ef Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-59 14/09/2022 أغلب أبنائنا الطلاب داخل الصفوف الدراسيه يعانون من بعض الصعوبات الخاصه بموقف التعلم داخل بيئة المدرسة وتتمثل تلك المشكله في أحد أركان معادلة الإدراك المعرفي للطالب لطبيعة المادة المدروسة والتي تتدرج أهميتها بعدة خطوات تتبع كل خطوة الأخرى وهي كالآتي : ١- ا Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-58 13/09/2022 Bonocle is a braille entertainment platform that has innovated on top of existing braille technologies to provide an experience that was never before possible for the blind community. Through our portable innovation, we have created a platform that will a Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-57 13/09/2022 الإختراع يهدف لمساعدة ذوي الإعاقه البصريه خاصةً -و أي إعاقه مشابهه عامةً- في المحافظه على صحة الفم و الأسنان حيث تعتبر هذه الفئه من الفئات التي تتصنف ضمن الأشخاص عاليين القابليه للإصابه بتسوس الأسنان فكرة المنتج عبارة عن فرشاة اسنان جاهزة لتنضيف الأسنان ب Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-56 13/09/2022 "Our 3D-printed prosthetic arm is a lightweight myoelectric prosthesis with a versatile multi-grip bionic hand, an adjustable and breathable socket, high-performance motors and batteries, and empowering aesthetics. It is the most affordable multi-grip bio Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-55 13/09/2022 بصير عبارة تطبيق موجه لاصحاب الاعاقات البصرية , حيث سيكون عين المستخدم في حياته اليومية و تنقلاته . بصير يعتمد على الذكاء الاصطناعي و الرؤية الحاسوبية من خلال الكاميرا لتوفير الخدمات التالية من وصف المحيط و التعرف على العقبات والتوجيه , التعرف على الأشياء Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-54 13/09/2022 "موقع متخصص تعليمي يتيح كتابة لغة برايل ( باللغة العربية ) وقراءتها و عرضها مكتوبه باللغة العربية ، مع امكانية الكتابة باللغة العربية وترجمتها بلغة برايل أيضا وحفظ وطباعة النص المكتوب . بناء على الدارسات البحثية وجدنا ان نظرية دمج الحواس لها اهمية ك Not Awarded
MIA2022-DG-53 13/09/2022 من واقع خبرتي العملية، هناك مشكلة في كيفية زيادة مستويات الحماية، وخاصة الحماية الذاتي، او التعبير عن الذات في حال التعرض للعنف، لدى الأفراد ذوي الإعاقة العقلية. وعليه يمكن الاستفادة من التطور التكنولوجي في معالجة هذه المشكلة من خلال تطوير سوار حماية لقيا Not Awarded


ID Date Description Current Status
16138358 26/12/2021 Electric Power Attachment (EPA) for wheelchair Referred to Mada Innovation Award 2022
20438733 11/12/2021 We are dealing with seating and mobility solutions as per WHO standards. Referred to Mada Innovation Award 2022
71529335 28/11/2021 Alert me Referred to Mada Innovation Award 2022
19815865 16/11/2021 BlindCast - Audio inclusion in and outside the stadium Under Review. Yet to Identify
14588922 12/08/2021 Educational App for children Referred to MOEHE
69131969 23/02/2021 English Arabic software for learning disabled child Referred to MOEHE
20210010 15/02/2021 Application to support Visually impaired and blind Supported by Mada – Financial Grant
19704055 16/02/2021 Portable Braille Display Existing Solution
63230225 16/02/2021 Social Media Plugin for Deaf people Existing Solution
17445188 03/02/2021 Signlanguage live interpretor app for ASL Supported by Mada – Seedstars Winner 2020
17012073 26/03/2021 Application for Learning and education Out of Scope
7208249 29/03/2021 Social Media Plugin for Deaf people Existing Solution
90820261 04/01/2021 Educational Portal for kids Out of Scope
80280332 04/02/2021 Sensory Room Devolopment Referred to QRI
1950039 04/02/2021 VR solution for autistic children to adapt to social environment Referred to QRI
20210011 04/04/2021 AR app for learning vocabulory Supported by Mada – Financial Grant
13980910 15/04/2021 General Educational App for university students Out of Scope
19469492 20/04/2021 Sign Language Avatar Out of Scope
37245133 06/03/2021 Fintech app Out of Scope
82436286 13/06/2021 Application with AAC symbols Refered to Tawasol Symbols of Mada
10810514 17/06/2021 App to support navigation for physical disability Out of Scope
19051276 25/06/2021 Wearable device to support hearing impaired Out of Scope
75555444 26/06/2021 App for people with physical disability Out of Scope
13854313 07/06/2021 animation series depicting disabled people Out of Scope
16182160 08/04/2021 Sign Launguage avatar Referred to Mada Sign Language Avatar Bu Hamad
10514119 08/09/2021 Personal Hyigiene app for people with physical disability Out of Scope
20210012 08/11/2021 Braille reading and Learning device Supported by Mada – Seedstars Awards 2021
96443429 09/01/2021 Prayer aid for OCD patients Out of Scope
78877011 09/09/2021 Educational and Daily Living Aid for Children with Down Syndrome Under Review. Yet to Identify
19985649 10/10/2021 Daily Activity Support for PWD Under Review. Yet to Identify
70938835 21/10/2021 Jump Starter for the car Out of Scope
93677992 11/01/2021 Accessible Museum Way Finding Referred to Mada Supported Solution Lazarillo
12426313 01/11/2021 Social Committee group for muslims to pray together Out of Scope
96443429 02/11/2021 device to support with visual impaired atlethes during running race Under Review. Yet to Identify
15795847 03/11/2021 Shipping Company for Logistics service Out of Scope
11351066 12/01/2021 Mental Health support option in Ehtheraz application Referred to MOPH
35002820 12/10/2021 Automated Automobile Jump Starter Out of Scope


ID Date Description Current Status
18190600 26/01/2020 Advanced Foot-wear and Eye-wear for Blind and Visually Impaired People Referred TO QSTP
18381341 28/01/2020 Job Application Referred To HR
20200007 03/02/2020 Indoor Way Finding Solution Supported by Mada – Seedstars Winner 2020
20200005 04/05/2020 Application for education to support learning disability Supported by Mada – Alecso Apps Awards 2019
10466604 04/06/2020 Learning App Autistic kids On Hold. Application is still premature stage
14123572 04/08/2020 Electroc Payment Machine Out of Scope
20200006 18/06/2020 Accessible Kiosk for Government services Supported by Mada – Localizations
10681865 07/12/2020 Indoor Way Finding Solution
18581389 07/12/2020 Application for Deaf person in Sports Out of Scope
20200008 08/04/2020 Educational Tool for learning disabled Supported by Mada – Subject Matter expertise
18044978 09/06/2020 Farming development tool Out of Scope
21182280 09/12/2020 App for Qatari Sign Language Refered to Tawasol Symbols of Mada
17904845 17/09/2020 Reading Tool for PWD Out of Scope
22209518 17/09/2020 Delivery app for Special needs Unjustified Budget
13408877 18/09/2020 Job Application Reffered To HR
12561215 19/09/2020 ICT Access app for Blind and deaf Out of Scope
17719594 19/09/2020 Academic Paper Submission Reference Out of Scope
42882670 19/09/2020 E Waste management app Out of Scope
15590667 20/09/2020 Water Supply Resource for Rural Area Out of Scope
18923829 21/09/2020 Application for Translator Job Reffered To HR
20761833 23/09/2020 Online portal with data of PWD in Qatar Out of Scope
10193039 24/09/2020 Video Monetizing Platform Out of Scope
14136077 25/09/2020 Machine Automation Platform Out of Scope
12600822 27/09/2020 Fintech app Out of Scope
16033174 10/01/2020 Indoor Way Finding Solution Out of Scope
99561624 10/08/2020 Cash replacement app for cognitive disabled Out of Scope
20200009 20/10/2020 Accessible Gaming solution for physically disabled Supported by Mada – Endorsement & Localization
64656084 11/06/2020 English Learning tool Blind Referred to MOEHE
20256656 14/12/2020 Sign Language Interpretor App Referred to Mada Sign Language Avatar Bu Hamad
77867192 24/12/2020 Wearable device to assess the mood of the user Out of Scope
12325557 27/12/2020 Teaching Aid for teacher to understand students behavior Referred to MOEHE


ID Date Description Current Status
16394080 08/12/2019 VR Smart Hat for blind way finding Supported by Mada – Subject Matter expertise
20190002 29/08/2019 Braille computer Access device Supported by Mada – Financial Grant
20190001 29/10/2019 Application for Deaf people Supported by Mada – Codecamp Winner 2019
20190004 11/10/2019 Braille Smart Watch for Blind Supported by Mada – Endorsement
20190003 11/10/2019 Braille Computer for blind Supported by Mada – Endorsement
80892440 11/12/2019 Drone for Coal Mine Out of Scope
70000470 29/12/2019 Mobile app for wheel chair user Supported by Mada – Subject Matter expertise
81404666 31/12/2019 Generic app to guide tourist in the city Out of Scope