Speak Liz

Speak Liz

Speak Liz

Speak Liz application is a powerful Artificial Intelligence communication tool developed by Talov, which has been designed as a complete solution for the worldwide deaf community.

Hugo Jácome

Hugo Jácome

President, Talov, Spain

Winner of: 

Mada Seedstars Award 2020

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SpeakLiz Application

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Measuring Impact of Speakliz Innovation

SpeakLiz is an evolution of Sign Language. At the same time, the sign language allows the deaf to communicate with only those who understand it, SpeakLiz will enable them to communicate more efficiently and fluidly with just about everyone.

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Key Features:

  • The Sign Language Recognition feature transforms classic sign language into a modern form of communication, by converting it into voice and text in realtime using smart devices.
  • The Surrounding Sound feature keeps the users aware of their surroundings. It detects acoustic parameters to identify specific sounds around them. These include emergency vehicles, alarms, female and male voices, kids voices, etc. Once such sounds are detected, the users are alerted by vibration and visual signals. Also, through Artificial Intelligence, SpeakLiz can be trained to learn to identify new sounds.
  • The Listening* feature allows deaf users to “read” what other people are saying. SpeakLiz understands +35 languages in a human voice. When a person speaks to a SpeakLiz user, their sound is converted into the text format in realtime. The user can read what is being said and respond accordingly. The deaf user can now perform daily activities without any impairment.
  • Speaking is the opposite process of listening. Using this feature, a deaf user can type their thoughts. The text can then converted into speech with the press of a button (emoticons included).

Mada-Seedstars ICT Accessibility Awards


Mada partners with Seedstars to promote the ICT Accessibility Solutions with the ultimate goal of supporting Accessibility startups in Qatar and beyond to benefit and improve the lives of PWD. Seedstars and Mada share a shared vision to support innovation by working with the best startups in the field and offering them with suitable funding and subject matter expertise.

On Friday 3rd April 2020, Seedstars World organized the Seedstars Global Summit 2020, which was a virtual 2 hours long event. During the event, they announced the Mada ICT Accessibility Awards 2019 winners. The competition was between two finalists, and the prize was awarded to both Talov and Lazarillo.

The Speak Liz App is available on the below link:

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