LFT – Learn From Them

LFT – Learn From Them

Innovation Café

Innovation Cafe is an unique Innovation and design thinking studio in the state of Qatar. Its focus remains on supporting the Qatar National Vision 2030 by promoting the growth and competitiveness of both the public and private sector organizations. Our team of experts have a global imprint in successfully delivering ‘value’ in the realm of innovation & design thinking through the most advanced knowledge, tools, techniques & above all, our unique approach.

Learn From ThemLearn From Them (LFT) Project: The idea of creating this startup came for the Qatari community members to learn the Qatari Sign Language and for all the individuals from the Arab region and around the world to learn their country sign language through interactive edutainment sessions that simulate their mindset to learn the sign language easily and entertainingly.

In the first phase, the App will include Arabic and English language only to get the biggest exposure possible for millions of deaf people and their families and friends around the world to benefit from our Tech solution and learn about the Arab and global indicative symbols. After confirming its success, the application will be developed for a larger number of most of the world’s spoken languages, and this will be in the second phase.

  • Expanding the base of knowledge of sign language, which will contribute to the integration of deaf people into their societies.
  • To allow all our customers to learn and familiarize themselves with the Qatari Arabic sign languages, other Arabic sign languages, English Sign Language, and all global sign languages as well.
  • The idea of launching this startup from Qatar because Qatar takes the lead in providing the national sign language to all those who are interested in studying sign languages and assisting its deaf people by expanding the base of sign language knowledge from different countries of the world in line with the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Providing the opportunity for the deaf and the World Cup volunteers to find a common language and communicate easily.
  • The application will be universal and available on Apple and Android systems interactively and entertainingly to learn the language.

The Qatari deaf possesses a linguistic wealth that surpasses everyone in the Arab world, as it’s produced in Qatar all the sign dictionaries (the Arabic sign dictionary, the Islamic dictionary, the geographical dictionary, the sign language rules.)

Project team members:

Name: Dr. Sameer Semreen

Title: Founder and CEO “Learn for Them (LFT)”

Role: Sameer will supervise all the educational aspects of the sign language, make sure all the sign language is correct and supervise all the steps of the project.

Experience: PhD in Special Education, 35 years experience in his field and an Arabic sign language expert, President of the Arab Organization of Sign Language Interpreters, Representative of the International Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI) in the Arab Region,

Name: Mohammad Al-ben Ali

Title: Senior Expert in Sign language

Role: Mohammad will lead and supervise the video production and all the material that will feed the application as a reference also he will be responsible for that videos will meet the highest quality and he will play a very important role in the content creation of the application.

Experience:  30 years experience as a sign language expert and a Sign language interpreter in the Al Jazeera channel, he is responsible as a Secretary of the Arab Organization of Sign Language Interpreters,

Name: Ramzan Animi

Title: Founder of Innovation Café and Be Creative Brand Agency and the Creative Director of Aljazeera

Role: Ramzan will add great value from his 22 years experience in the creative sector as a senior Creative and branding consultant specializing in media and commercial advertising, working for a media network for more than 20 years, he delivers awesome and outstanding staff.

Experience: have worked with a wide range of brand projects; project creative director of Al Jazeera Media Network Master Brand | Channels Visual Branding | Al Jazeera Merchandise Creative Lead | Al Jazeera Café Branding Design Lead | Al Jazeera London (The Shard) Office branding Project Creative Director

Name: Hefzi Mathis

Title: Business Development and Marketing Manager

Role: Hefzi will manage the business development and marketing part of the application to get as many customers as possible and build long term partnerships with all stakeholders.

Experience: he has plenty of experience working with companies from various industries, focusing on business model innovation and value proposition design.

He has also managed international events and worked cohesively with companies in the GCC to further understand the regional and local market, allowing me him fully utilize his business development and marketing skills. As a futurist, He can reduce the risk of challenges and provide optimal long-term solutions.

Name: Farah Alomar

Title: Head of Innovation and Customer experience

Role: Farah will be responsible for the customer experience and usability of the application to make it a very friendly user experience to scale the project in Qatar and the region.

Experience: Farah is an Innovation Specialist with a Master of Science degree in Service Leadership & Innovation who has ample experience in optimizing service design processes by focusing on customer centricity and service analytics.

Innovating the service industry is her passion and applying modern technology to provide the best possible means of convenience to customers and organizations collectively is the way to achieve that.

She can confidently say that she can revolutionize a concept and turn it into an innovative masterpiece!

Name: Rami Saad

Title: Brand and Design manager

Role:Rami will be responsible for all the branding and graphic designs of the application, and he will work with the developers of the application to make sure it’s in the best position possible to launch the product.

Experience: Rami have over 10 years of experience in the advertising world in the fields of branding, brand development, brand experience, creative campaigns, and web design. He creates brands from the bottom to the top. And he has mastered the art of being a multi-tasker.