Qatari Money Reader App – V2

Qatari Money Reader App – V2


Qatari Money Reader App is developed to detect and read Qatari Riyal currency notes using the camera of the smartphone. Primarily, identifying the value of banknotes is one of the main challenges faced by people with visual impairments.

Anwar Almojarkesh

Anwar Almojarkesh

Acoustic classification algorithm and deep-learning expert, Innovation Factory, United Kingdom

Supported Innovations: 

Arabic Money Reader Application
Sound Alert Application

Such challenges make it hard to exercise basic daily activities, like needing to seek assistance to determine the value and authenticity of such bills. There is a necessity for developing solutions that can evaluate the authenticity and value of local and major international currency bills using a mainstream device such as a smartphone. The increased hardware capability and portability of such devices make them ideal to serve as suitable platforms to integrate app-based solutions to resolving such challenges.

In 2018, Innovation Factory Limited developed a unique smartphone application called “Qatari Money Reader” fully funded through the direct grant stream under the Mada Innovation Program. The app can scan and identify Qatari currency by just using the camera of the smartphone. The solution was effective for people with sight impairment and maintains their privacy by identifying the value of the notes when they are in public places or when they need to count their money. In Addition to that, the app includes other features like reading the Qatari Riyal currency in real-time and works entirely offline without the need to have internet connectivity. Once the currency is detected, the app will inform the user about the value of money in Arabic and English.

Version 1 – Features:

  • Support QAR notes recognition only
  • Counting QAR notes only
  • Detect fake notes (Using only pattern detection)
  • Using voice over feature (text-to-speech)
  • Multiple gestures for easy access to the features
  • Support Arabic and English localisation
  • Support both platforms (iPhones and Android)
  • Works offline (No need for internet access)
  • Work in real-time – one sec for detection
  • Arabic and English Voice

Money Reader Application Version 2 – 2021

Mada Innovation Program 2021 supported and funded the development of the upgraded version of the money reader application has the first of its kind algorithm to calculate multiple currencies, exchange rates and can identify fake notes through the smartphone camera and through using deep learning approaches. Also, the program supported the money reader app in several steps of the project including the development, testing, and dissemination of the product through focus groups, user testing and show & tell sessions.

During the focus group session, the user highlighted how such an app will improve the Independency and secured retail experience for the person with visual impairment or blindness. The solution ensures that persons with blindness can transact their monetary requirements independently and secure manner during their retail experience.

Version 2 – Features

  • Support new currencies (USD, GBP and new Qatari Riyal) detection
  • Exchange to/from Qatari to/from (USD, GBP)
  • Exchange Mix to/from Qatari to/from (USD, GBP)
  • Counting (USD, GBP) currencies.
  • Counting (USD, GBP) + Exchange to Qatari Riyal.
  • Experiments on detecting fake and genuine notes using UV lights and other methods.

The new version of the Qatari Money Reader app is one of the successes achieved by the Mada Innovation Program, which was designed to encourage innovators to find solutions in Arabic for people with disabilities and the elderly. Lastly, the adoption of such solutions would also aid in eliminating the circulation of fraudulent currency notes by allowing users to instantly validate the authenticity of their notes.

On August 25th 2021, Mada launched the new version of the “Qatari Money Reader” App, which supports reading the new currency & aims to ensure the independence of the visual impairments & the elderly in relation to banking transactions, as part of Mada’s strategic partnership with Qatar Central Bank.

Mada Endorsement Program 2021

Qatari Money Reader v2 was endorsed by MIP in 2021. The Mada Endorsement Program is targeted towards both international and local established entities who already have a ready-to-market ICT Accessibility and Assistive Technology solution that merits endorsement to access a broader market and specific institutions in Qatar and the region through Mada. Successful endorsement of solutions is derived from rigorous and strict criteria based on technical and end-user evaluations.  This was done in line with Mada’s goal to continuously support the growth of Arabic digital accessible innovations with optimum potential to impact the lives of PWDs in Qatar and the region.

The Qatari Money Reader App can be downloaded on the below link:

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