Entrepreneurs Support

The Entrepreneur Support is designed for creating opportunities for new innovative entrepreneurs and entities in Qatar and the Arab region who already have a “Proven Concept” for their AT product or service to establish themselves in the market.

Applicants selected for this stream will be provided with a financial support through Mada Innovation Program to develop the proposed product/service concept to cater towards the local and Arab market. Mada will offer a holistic support  throughout the development process by offering the subject mentorship and exposure.

Following is the journey of successful applications:

1. Apply to Mada Innovation Program

2. Evaluate Application

3. Categorize Stream of Successful Applications

a. Entrepreneurship
b. Localization & Grants
c. Endorsement Program

4. Technical and/or Feasibility Review

5. Sign Mada Entrepreneurship Commercial Contract

6. Product Development

7. Product Launch