SignBookSignBook is a mobile application that aims to assist persons with hearing disabilities to access and enjoy services provided by various government and private sections. The applications allow an inclusive community by providing services on an equal basis.

SignBook is available on Andriod and IOS. The SignBook has various features such as:

  1. Instant sign language interpretation service.
  2. Pre-translation of content in sign language by (QR Code – Barcode) to explain prewritten content.
  3. Sign language translation service for official news, announcements and emergencies.

The application enables persons with hearing disabilities to live independently and find practical solutions to obstacles that they face through confidential and instant technology.

Sign Book

The Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization announced, on December 28, 2020, online via Zoom platform, the winners of the ALECSO-MADA Apps Award for Persons with Disabilities.

The Award, valued at US$10.000, was granted jointly to :

  • Amani Abu Alaa, Qatar, the developer of the “Educational Encyclopedia” application; and
  • Hayat Information Technology Company, Oman, the developers of the “SignBook” application.

It is worth recalling that a total of 445 participants, from different Arab countries, took part in this competition.