Sign Language Avatar

Sign Language Avatar

bu hamadOver 80% of the Deaf community cannot read or write beyond a very basic level.
It is very difficult for the deaf and hard of hearing to read the written text in websites including:
– Governmental website
– Social media hubs
– E-Commerce websites
– Educational websites

Interpreting your website in sign language so they can get benefits from it. Therefore don’t worry, you don’t have to record a video for every single page on your website. Now subscribe to Mind Rockets Inc Sign Language Widget and it will interpret the full website for you automatically.


  • Machine interpretation (Automated and instantly)
  • Easy to integrate with your website(Plug and Play).
  • Hover the cursor over a text and it will be interpreted immediately.
  • On-Demand Professional interpretation review
  • Quick setup within minutes.
  • HTML Widget
  • Support Arabic and English languages.
  • We can customize the avatar to fit your brand.