Learn Autism

Learn Autism

Learn AutismLearn Autism is an evidence-based resource that provides a wealth of valuable information related to Autism. The app offers on-demand, bite-sized videos that are specifically designed to provide educators, families, and professionals with the knowledge and confidence they need to support individuals with Autism.

One of the key features of Learn Autism is its focus on early intervention. The app provides information on the importance of early diagnosis and treatment, as well as strategies for helping young children with Autism develop important skills and abilities.

Another important topic covered by the app is toilet training. Many children with Autism struggle with this task, and Learn Autism provides guidance and support for parents and caregivers who are working to help their child learn this important skill.

Managing transitions can also be challenging for individuals with Autism, and the app provides information and strategies to help make transitions smoother and less stressful. In addition, the app provides guidance on how to play with children with Autism and how to make parenting easier overall.

Going to school can be a major challenge for children with Autism, and the app provides valuable resources to help families and educators support these students. The app also provides information on developing social skills, including strategies for building friendships and managing social interactions.

Speech therapy and occupational therapy are important tools for individuals with Autism, and Learn Autism provides information on both of these topics. The app also includes life stories from individuals on the Autism spectrum, providing valuable insight into the experiences of those living with Autism.

Learn Autism

Overall, Learn Autism is a comprehensive and valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about Autism and how to support individuals on the spectrum. The app is now available with Arabic subtitles, and has been recognized by the UNSDG as the world’s leading FREE digital Autism platform. Those interested can request a comprehensive study conducted by Dr. Dena Al Thani and her team at HBKU to learn more about the app’s effectiveness.

Given this focus, the endorsement of Learn Autism by the Mada Innovation Program 2023 is a significant accomplishment. It reflects not only the app’s commitment to providing valuable resources for individuals with Autism but also its potential to help individuals with disabilities more broadly.

Overall, the localization of Learn Autism’s content and its subsequent endorsement by the Mada Innovation Program 2023 represent important milestones for the app. These developments have expanded the app’s reach and potential impact, bringing it to a wider audience and affirming its value as a resource for individuals with Autism and their families.

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