Class Quiz is an educational platform that provides a set of interactive exercises that enhance the student’s knowledge and develop his skills acquired during the lessons. The platform provides educational content identical to the official course in Mathematics and Scientific Awakening prepared by experts in education and pedagogy based on modern teaching methods.

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These exercises are directed at:

Student: An interactive learning method that stimulates the student and develops his skills and study capabilities in an entertaining way.

School: Digital content that helps the school use new technology tools to develop teaching methods and quality.

Teacher: appropriate activities to facilitate the preparation of lessons in accordance with educational standards and enable the teacher to make better use of time and assess the level of pupils.

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Mada-ALECSO Apps Award 2019

Mada has collaborated with Arab League Educational Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) to launch the first of its kind awards intended to develop innovative Arabic mobile app solutions for users with disabilities called the Mada-ALECSO Apps Award. This award is part of the ALECSO Apps Award that focuses on developing Arabic mobile app solutions within various sectors. The award competition is organized periodically to seek the best Arabic mobile phone application developed for users with disabilities, with the aim of improving their living conditions though mobile applications providing services to help gain independence.

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Two finalists were selected for the Mada-ALECSO App Award 2019 to pitch in the final event in Qatar which was held in QITCOM 2019. The winning prize went to a solution design for children with learning disabilities called Class Quiz. Class Quiz allows students to improve their literacy skills through the use of symbols and photography to enhance cognitive skills amongst students with special needs.

Mada Endorsement Program 2020

Mada Endorses ClassQuiz

Mada Innovation Program has endorsed the “Class Quiz Educational App” that provides an interactive educational platform that enhances the students’ knowledge with learning difficulties and develops their skills in mathematics and science in an entertaining way using modern technology solutions.

The Class Quiz App can be downloaded on the below link: