Bonocle L.L.C. is a start-up from Doha, Qatar that was founded in 2014 on the basis of making technology hardware or software solutions. Bonocle L.L.C.’s first innovation (also called ‘Bonocle’) is a device for the visually impaired that allows them to interpret the contents of any electronic device through the medium of braille.

Bonocle also has an API that will allow developers to expand its usability by creating custom applications for Bonocle and the visually impaired community. Bonocle is a handheld/semi wearable device that incorporates in braille cell positioned under the fingertip of the user when held or worn. The product is able to communicate with various electronic devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops or personal computers) and display the contents of the device in braille on the incorporated braille cell, providing the user with unprecedented access to the digital content available.


Mada Innovation Program 2017

Bonocle L.L.C. was one the first applicants who showed interest and applied to the Innovation Program during its official launch in 2017. Prior to their application, their solution already won a recognition at the 2nd cycle of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy’s Challenge 22. Mada recognized the potential of Bonocle and took steps to actively support the development of the solution. Throughout the development cycle of Bonocle, Mada has offered subject-matter expertise by providing advice from Assistive Technology professionals and the end-users from the disabled community.

Mada ICT Accessibility Awards (Seedstars MENA) 2018  

Seedstar Award

On November 29, 2018, Seedstars Global in collaboration with Mada held the Best Arabic Assistive Technology Startup Award which was part of the Seedstars MENA Summit 2018. The summit aimed to bring together the best entrepreneurs in emerging markets from across the MENA Region. Recognizing its innovative design offering an affordable and portable braille reader solution, Mada awarded Bonocle as the Best Arabic Assistive Technology Startup. Bonocle is first of its kind handheld Arabic braille reader that combines hardware and software solutions to provide an innovative product that allows the visually impaired community barrier-free access to a broad array of digital content.

Mada Endorsement 2019

Endorsement during Qitcom

The Mada Endorsement Program is targeted towards both international and local established entities who already have a ready-to-market ICT Accessibility and Assistive Technology solution that merits endorsement to access a broader market and specific institutions in Qatar and the region through Mada. Successful endorsement of solutions is derived from rigorous and strict criteria based on technical and end-user evaluations.

Upon the completion of the solution development, on October 30, 2019, Mada has endorsed the Bonocle solution through its endorsement program during QITCOM to acknowledge its innovativeness and potential impact. This was done in line with Mada’s goal to continuously support the growth of Arabic assistive technology innovations with optimum potential to impact the lives of PWDs in Qatar and the region.

Bonocle Wins WSA INCLUSION & EMPOWERMENT Awards 2020

Bonocle Wins WSA INCLUSION & EMPOWERMENT Awards 2020

Bonocle wins the prestigious WSa Award 2020 under inclusion and empowerment category. AI, BIG DATA AND MACHINE LEARNING – THE WSA TOP 40 OF 2020 UTILIZE TECHNOLOGY WITH SMART CONTENT TO HACK THE WORLDWIDE GAPSModern technology combined with a social cause and smart content not only solves problems, it enhances equality, information access and inclusion. The WSA Winners 2020 provide a meaningful selection of worldwide content driven applications with positive impact – 40 solutions from 26 countries made it to the worldwide top 40.

The challenges of 2020 have caused the world to rethink its systems and structures. Especially digital content has become a real problem solver, be it for remote working, online learning, healthcare or creating more sustainability. The 40 WSA Winners 2020 focus on the world’s most pressing issues – be it climate change, Health, Agriculture or Gender Equality – and providing digital solutions to react to the global pandemic.

More information about Boncole can be found on their website