Accessible Sports Viewing using Augmented Reality


The experience of sports viewing can be challenging for people with visual impairment where certain game elements such as scoring, play status, etc. are represented by colors. The home viewing experience of sports can be enhanced through the use of innovative technologies like augmented reality through smart glasses, mobile phones and tablets to overlay contextual information and additional viewing elements. The adoption of such technologies can result in solving real-world problems faced by PWDs to fully enjoy a sports viewing experience.

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User Journey

KhaledKhaled is 40 years old and has color blindness. Khaled is an avid fan of football and does not miss out on watching any of the matches of his favorite team of Barcelona. Khaled is unsatisfied with his football viewing experience on television as he misses out on vital elements like identifying the jersey colors of each teams, identifying penalty card colors and others. He would wish to fully enjoy the football viewing experience by using a solution that would help him identify object colors of game elements.


Khaled puts on his augmented reality headset.


The headset expands the field of view showing the entire field, stadium and the fans cheering.


The headset automatically adjusts the color profile shades of relevant gaming elements (jersey, penalty cards, etc.) to be able to easily distinguish the colors.


He can switch to virtual reality and experience the match as if they are in the stadium


Khaled can also detect and zoom in on a player or gaming element for more information and statistics.

Potential Service Features

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Social Media Integration
  • Room 3D Mapping for Accuracy
  • Video Analytics Overlay

Touch Points

Issue Statement

Khaled is an avid football fan and a person with visual impairment (color blindness). He intends to closely follow football tournaments and support his favorite team Barcelona. Due to the nature of his disability, Khaled misses out on vital viewing experience of the sport that involves color identification of gaming elements (e.g. team jerseys, penalty card color, etc.). Khaled would like to use a solution that would help him distinguish colors and allow him to have a complete sport viewing experience.

Expected Key Benefits

Enhanced viewing experience for person with visual impairment
The solution ensures a complete viewing experience for home viewers including offering features to accommodate the sports viewing needs of PWDs

Uniquely Position Qatar for Accessible Sports Broadcast
Adoption of such technology can position Qatar as a pioneer to offer accessible sports viewing solutions