Automated Conversion of Speech to Sign Language


A tool that is able to transcribe spoken words in the English and Arabic language into its associated Sign Language in real-time to be deployed in scenarios like Television streaming, Sports, Conferences, Live Meetings and other relevant events as a means of providing live Sign Language interpretation to people with hearing impairment.


User Journey

MaryamMaryam is 24 yrs old. She is unable to hear spoken word relies on Sign Language to receive and communicate information. Mayram is watching her favorite TV show on her tablet and is unable to hear its audio content. Maryam is looking for a solution that could offer live Sign Language Interpretation of her favorite TV show and its relevant information.


Maryam launches the live streaming on her tablet.


She is unable to hear the audio content and feedback.


Maryam launches the Speech to Sign Language app on her tablet.


Maryam enables the Speech to Sign Language app to run on her favorite TV show.


The app detects the audio content and converts it to a Sign Language displayed in the form of a signing avatar in the corner of the screen.


Maryam is able to follow and enjoy her favorite TV show and any other streaming content in Sign Language.

Potential Service Features

  • Emergency alerts
  • Haptic feature
  • Speech to Sign Language App API

Touch Points

Issue Statement

As a person with hearing impairment, Maryam is unable to enjoy a holistic experience of streaming content viewed on her smart devices. She needs the multimedia content to be converted to Sign Language allowing her to interpret the content while the multimedia is being streamed.

Expected Key Benefits

Automated Realtime Conversion of Speech to SL:
Technology solution can be applied in wider scenarios like SL interpretation of speeches in conferences and meetings.

Audience Expansion:
Automated SL conversion of Speech in real-time will allow to expand the range of audience for the content by allowing individuals with profound hard of hearing and deafness to be able to enjoy a holistic experience of the media content.